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The “Cultirapid New Generation” is a combined machine for the working land and the preparation of the seed bed in the conservative agriculture, the use intended, according to techniques of minimal working, is before the use of the plough.
The machine reaches its best results used with soil scraper with curved anchors “Cultilam” type which has to be placed on the front. The advantage of this machine is that it can follow the approach of the minimal working, with all its peculiarities. The very high working speed (5/15 km/h) allows to quickly act and cut down working costs. Working depth of anchors is 15/40 cm, while the working depth of discs and star group is 5/15 cm..


· Half-brought model, hydraulically foldable in two sections.
· Arm lifting device to the tractor
· Monobeam mainframe with lateral frames. For the 6,00 m version, the frames are free and swivelling, with damped spring
· Toothed discs with manual setting inclination in different positions. Steel shaft with svivelling supports with double conical bearings system ma/ag.
· The front and middle discs are arranged on rombus shape, patent system ma/ag.
· Double self clearing breaking roller (wavy and star discs) mounted on swivelling supports with double conical bearings system
· Stabilizator and rear levelling roller, fundamental for a brilliant performance available at request in cage – packer – spuntoni
· Transport chariot 6 holes hub and oversize wheels type 400/60 – 15.5 or 15.0/55-17.
· Light bar.


CTRI 40 NG 4.00 2.50 4030 150/170
CTRI 50 NG 5.00 2.50 5150 170/190
CTRI 60 NG 6.00 2.50 5830 200/240





The weights given refer to an average value already includes the weight of the roller.
Accessory CAGE ROLLER – COD ACCRG** example ACCRGCTRI40NG (single cage roller for CTRI 402QNG)
BASIC Version WITHOUT ROLLER – CODE CTRI**NG example CTRI 40 NG (4 m version NG)
BASIC Version WITHREAR CAGE ROLLER – CODE CTRI**NG RG example CTRI 40 NG RG (4 m version NG basic + cage roller)
BASIC Version WITH REAR PACKER ROLLER – CODE CTRI**NG PK example CTRI 40 NG PK (4 m version NG basic + packer roller)
BASIC Version WITH REAR SPUNTONI ROLLER – CODE CTRI**NG RS example CTRI 40 NG RS (4 m version NG basic + spuntoni roller)
BASIC Version WITH REAR SMOOTH ROLLER – CODE CTRI**NG RL example CTRI 40 NG RL (4 m version NG basic + smooth roller)
In a same way, it is possible to compose the other codes of accessories and machines.