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Innovative equipment for the working land and the final preparation of the seed bed. Unique in its genre, on the brought version, it is a very good alternative to the rotary harrow also for the low HP, because it develops a cutting down of the working costs linked to an excellent valuation index of field result. Working speed from 5 to 15 km/h. In the halfbrought version, with New Generation monobeam frame, it is suitable for high power and large areas.
· Hydraulic foldable frame in 2 sections for CTRI40/50/60 and 3 sections for CTRI80/90/100
· Arm attacks
· Couple of row breakers
· Leveling bar, rigid and adjustable on high
· Discs made of flat discs diameter 580 mm mounted on supports with bearings protected by greaser system ma/ag.
· Grubber with square springs 25×25 mm, arranged on 2 working rows. Hydraulic depth regulation.
· Double discs composed of N. 2 ranges of star breaking self-cleaning discs diameter 510 mm mounted on supports with bearings protected by greaser system ma/ag.
· On the rear levelling and stabilizator roller, very important for obtaining a brilliant result. Available, at request, in the following versions: cage – packer – spuntoni or smooth
· Trailer for the hydraulic transport on road, wheels 400/60-15.5 or similar for CTRI40/50/60 or wheels 500/50-17 or similar for CTRI80/90/100.
· Light bar
Version with square springs 25×25 mm arranged on 2 worki ng rows
4.00 2.55 4410 160/180
CTRI 50 2QNG 5.00 2.55 5180 190/240
6.00 2.55 6650 240/320
CTRI 80 2QNG 8.00 4.00 7880 320/380
9.00 4.00 10830 330/380
CTRI 100 2QNG 10.00 4.00 12590 380/430



The weights given refer to an average value already includes the weight of the roller.
Accessory CAGE ROLLER – COD ACCRG** example ACCRGCTRI402QNG (single cage roller for CTRI 402QNG)
BASIC Version WITHOUT ROLLER – CODE CTRI**/2QNG example CTRI 402QNG (4 m version NG)
BASIC Version WITHREAR CAGE ROLLER – CODE CTRI**/2QNG RG example CTRI 40 2QNG RG (4 m version NG basic + cage roller)
BASIC Version WITH REAR PACKER ROLLER – CODE CTRI**/2QNG PK example CTRI 40 2QNG PK (4 m version NG basic + packer roller)
BASIC Version WITH REAR SPUNTONI ROLLER – CODE CTRI**/2QNG RS example CTRI 40 2QNG RS (4 m version NG basic + spuntoni roller)
BASIC Version WITH REAR SMOOTH ROLLER – CODE CTRI**/2QNG RL example CTRI 40 2QNG RL (4 m version NG basic + smooth roller)
In a same way, it is possible to compose the other codes of accessories and machines.