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cml xxl articolo


Ideal for minimum working (15-25 cm) and deep working (until 40 cm), it’s a real alternative to the traditional tillage. Available and customizable with different tools, the Combined CML XXL satisfies the exigencies of variegated clients. The most important feature consist of combining the superficial reshuffling of cultural residue with an action of disturbance more or less accentuated, thanks to the front anchors with a special clutch. Brought on lift, it is available in version with fixed frame or hydraulic foldable into 2 sections in order to reduce the floor space during the transport on road. It is an innovative combined machine for the minimal working, ideal for mixing straw, rice, wheat, beets and corn. 

• III point linkage to the tractor.
• Rigid anchors arranged on 2 working rows. Security device, reversible and interchangeable ploughshare. Wings.
• Rear parallelogram kit, adjustable with a couple of convex discs, and breaking group complete with pick up discs.
On the rear the equipment can be endowed with: single cage roller, double cage roller, double wavy discs and ring roller.


Base version with rigid anchors disposed on 2 working rows, couple of rear parallelogram discs complete with pick up discs

  CML XXL 25/2 CML XXL 30/2 CML XXL 40/2
WORK. WIDTH 2,50 3,00 4,00
TRANSP. WIDTH 2,55 3,00 4,00
ANCHOR N. 5 7 9
KG 980 1230 1350
HP 140/170 160/190 220/250
  CMLI XXL 40/2 CMLI XXL 50/2 CMLI XXL 60/2
WORK. WIDTH 4,00 5,00 6,00
TRANSP. WIDTH 2,55 2,55 2,55
ANCHOR N. 13 16 22
KG 1870 2020 2310
HP 220/250 250/280 280/320


ACC RA Ring roller ø 540 mm
ACC RF Double roller made with wavy discs on shaft and bearings supports
ACC RS Single cage roller ø 500 mm with 10 plates
ACC RD Double cage roller ø 320 mm with 8 plates with contrast spring

Accessory SINGLE CAGE ROLLER - COD ACCRS** example ACCRSCML25 (single cage roller for CML 25). BASIC Version WITHOUT ROLLER - COD CML** example CML 25/2 (basic version 2,5 m with tines on 2 rows). BASIC Version WITH SINGLE CAGE ROLLER - COD CML**RS example CML 25/2 RS (basic version 2,5 m with tines on 2 rows and single cage roller). BASIC Version WITH DOUBLE CAGE ROLLER - COD CML**RD example CML 25/2 RD (basic version 2,5 m with tines on 2 rows and double cage roller). BASIC Version WITH DOUBLE WAVY ROLLER - COD CML**RF example CML 25/2 RF (basic version 2,5 m with tines on 2 rows and double wavy roller). On a same way it is possible to compose the other codes of accessories of the machines.

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