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Equipment studied for obtaining the soil loosening and the de - compaction of the soil without the reverse of the layers. This characteristic is possible by using the original anchors with bending profile « Michel », patent arranged on 2 rows. The equipment can be combined and completed with a series of tools, on front and/or on the rear related to the anchors, for the managing of residues and surface minimal working, in order to optimize the performances with an high reduction of working costs. It is possible to add different kit according to the work required. By using Combilam, it is possible to obtain an efficient working depth until 15 cm without creating clods. At request, advanced depth.

combilam mini articolo



• III point linkage to the tractor 3 CAT.
• Kit front wavy discs with hydraulic regulation and parallelogram indicator of the working depth.
• Subsoiler group with 2 types of anchors, interchangeable arranged on 2 working rows.
• Anchors type « Michel » H600 with security device. Reversible ploughshare and wear protection interchangeable.
• Anchors type Combi, produced by Ma/ag Srl with ploughshare with rapid unhook and lateral wings removable.
• Kit double wavy breaking roll self – clearing mounted on swiveling support with double conical bearings and interchangeable carter system ma/ag. Manual parallelogram regulation.
• Stabilizer, leveler rear spike roller.
• Hydraulic chariot for the transport on road.
Light bar kit.


  CBL 25/7 L 600 CBL 30/9 L 600
WORK. WIDTH 2,50 3,00
TRANSP. WIDTH 2,50 2,50
FRAME Fixed Fixed
KG 1750 2040
HP 100/130 130/170
ACCCBL600RG Cage roller kit diam. 340 mm with tubes/plates
ACCCBL600RG Cage roller kit diam. 340 mm with tubes/plates
ACCCBL600BAN Lateral kit containment
ACCCBL60001 Anchor type Michel H600 (each)
ACCCBL60002 Anchor type Michel H600 (each)