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CAST IRON ROLLER "CAMBRIDGE" TRAILED - Hydraulic folding frame into 3 sections

The main function of the “Cambridge” roller is to break the clods produced by the ploughing and the minimum tillage. It is designated, in particular, for clay and dry soil and permits the preparation of a good seed bed facilitating the seeding work. The particular disposition of the discs allows the operation of breaking the clods and simplified the cleaning of the roller from the soil that remains attached.
The structure of the roller is divided into 3 sections totally independent that permits to the roller to be efficient also on no flat soil.
kios xxl articolo

Standard features of the roller:
Trailed roller into 3 independent sections
• Opening and closing of the sections completely hydraulic
• Swiveling beam
• Wavy cast iron discs diam. 620 mm
• Discs mounted on steeI shaft diam.70 mm with bearing supports and greaser
• Oversized wheels 400/50-15.5


  KI 45 XXL KI 53 XXL KI 63 XXL
WORK. WIDTH 4,50 5,30 6,30
TRANSP. WIDTH 2,55 2,55 2,55
HP 100/130 110/140 130/150
KG 4100 4350 4750


Compactor rollers and breaking soil