EDV I 910

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Edv I 910 Scontornata


Polyvalent equipment used for working and for mixing the hard ground or for crumbling and levelling the soil already worked.

EDV and EDV I disc harrows are characterized by a wide range of usage with working width from 2,10 m to 6,25 m and variable working depth from 10 to 25 cm (according to the model). The supports of the discs are oscillating with double contrasting conical roller bearings, oil seal, greaser and interchangeable crankcase (ma/ag system).

The hydraulic regulation of the discs sections, front and rear, allows a progressive and independent variation of the angle of incidence in order to obtain the optimal work on different kind of ground.


MONOBEAM FRAME Tubular steel 150x150x8 mm
SECTIONS Tubular steel 140x70x7 mm
SUPPORTS Two conical roller bearings, swiveling, with interchangeable crankcase system ma/ag
CARRIAGE CONTROL Double effect jack with hydraulic slider for working depth regulation
DISCS AXLE Steel square 30x30 mm
WHEELS AXLE Steel square 60x60 mm - 6 holes hub
TOWING BEAM Shift able and inclinable in different positions; hydraulic at request
SECTIONS ANGULATION Hydraulic - independent front and rear
SOIL SCRAPERS Individual adjustable plungers
DISCS Diam. 610 mm thickness 5 mm
  Vertical hydraulic folding into 2 sections, in order to reduce the encumbrance during the transport 2.55 m
  The machines have on series toothed discs on the front and smooth discs on the back.
Different configurations have to be specified at the order.
  EDV I 910 24 11 EDV I 910 24 12
DISCS N. 24 24
WORK. WIDTH 2,80 2,80
TRANSP. WIDTH 2,50 2,50
HP 90/100 80/100
KG 1660 1700
Ø DISC 560/4.5 610/5

  EDV I 910 26 11 EDV I 910 26 12
DISCS N. 26 26
WORK. WIDTH 3,00 3,00
TRANSP. WIDTH 2,50 2,50
HP 90/120 90/120
KG 1785 1840
Ø DISC 560/4.5 610/5

  EDV I 910 28 11 EDV I 910 28 12
DISCS N. 28 28
WORK. WIDTH 3,20 3,20
TRANSP. WIDTH 2,50 2,50
HP 110/140 110/140
KG 1920 1980
Ø DISC 560/4.5 610/5

ACEDVI91002 Disc and distance piece with soil scraper
ACEDVI91003 Hydraulic movement of the towing beam
ACEDVI91004 Hooking up of discs, diameter 610/6 (each disc)
ACEDVI91005 Additional supports for EDVI
ACEDVI91008 Kit hydraulic regulation balance machine
ACEDVI91009 Couple of oversized wheels 13.0/55-16
ACEDVI91010 Kit central discs cleaner (each)
ACEDVI91011 Hydraulic kit device complete with pipes
ACEDVI91013 Dislocated towing bell
ACEDVI91014 Light bar kit with support