VORTEX Trailed version

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The parallel disc harrow with independent discs allows surface working both on no till soil and partially worked. The discs are disposed on two opposed orientation rows. Each disc has a watertight hub, independent with bearing. The elements are connected to the frame thanks to a cushioning system endowed with rubber buffers that absorb every vertical solicitations. On series, the equipment is supplied with a couple of lateral containment bands in order to obtain the best working plan as possible. On the rear the equipment can be provided with different type of rollers  to complete the working and only with the 3m version, on the front, it can be equipped with a decompactor (RAP) with anchors Michel H600.


vortex trainata articolo

  VTX 30 T VTX 35 T VTX 40 T
DISCS N. 22 26 29
WORK. WIDTH 3,00 3,50 4,00
TRANSP. WIDTH 3,15 3,60 4,10
DISC 560 560 560
HP 150/170 170/190 200/220
KG 2030 2620 2940
  VTX I 40 T VTX I 50 T VTX I 60 T
DISCS N. 29 37 45
WORK. WIDTH 4,00 5,00 6,00
TRANSP. WIDTH 2,50 2,50 2,50
DISC 560 560 560
HP 200/230 230/280 280/360
KG 3840 4440 4850

RG Cage roller
RA Single ring roller
RDA Double ring roller
CR Compact roll
RAP 30 Front subsoiler with rigid anchors or Michel H600 for VTX30T

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Parallel disc harrows with indipendent discs "VORTEX"