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TRAILED SUPER GRUBBER WITH ANCHORS - Foldable frame in 2 sections

Sea NXT articolo


• Trailed tool, ideal for crushing the ground.
• Number of anchors variable from 11 to 17 according to the working width and to Horse Power available. Anchors are arranged on 2 working rows, each one divided in 2 other lines.
• Steel anchor thickness 35 mm equipped with safety device by stretching screw. Reversible ploughshare and anti-wear protection, interchangeable. It is possible to mount on the anchor pair of wings.
• Central transport wheels.
• Double pair of rubber wheels, for hydraulic adjustment of working depth.
• The rear of the standard tool is completed with a double spike roller 272X8 mm - with hydraulic movement.
• Sub frame depth 92 cm - Working depth up to 65 cm.


Version with double spuntoni roller

  SEA NXT 40/11 SEA NXT 50/13
ANCHORS N. 11 13
WORK. WIDTH 4,70 5,80
TRANSP. WIDTH 3,00 3,00
HP 350 400
KG 8400 9100
  SEA NXT 60/15 SEA NXT 70/17
ANCHORS N. 15 17
WORK. WIDTH 6,70 7,70
TRANSP. WIDTH 3,00 3,00
HP 500 600
KG 10200 11800

Note: the working distance is to consider as working width of the rear roller.


ACSEANXT02 Wings (each.)
ACSEANXT04 Lateral containment kit
ACSEANXT05 Anchors protection with fin (each.)
ACSEANXT06 Share with tungsten carry - over (each.)

Subsoiler with rigid anchors "SEA"