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It is a Ma/Ag solution for the management of farmer wastewater. Thanks to the innovating Ma/Ag system, it is possible to work also with a lot of crop residues . The front hoeing blade avoids the machine to be used even where there is an abundant amount of corn stalks in the field, without clogging problems. The scraper made of highly wear - resistant material ensures high performance. The robust compensation springs allow efficient grove opening work. The rear hoeing blades allow the slurry injected into the ground to be covered. The IDL Ma/Ag spreader can be linked to the tractor, for the distribution of slurry with umbilical system coupling to a towed barrel. It is furnished with distributor kit VOGELSANG endowed with hydraulic engine for the correct and uniform distribution of slurry, liquid manure (slurry), digestion from biogas plants and sewage slurry.
• Brought machine, 3 CAT
• Strong steel frame fully welded, in order to assure the best strength. Fixed frame in the versions with 4 and 6 elements, foldable frame in the versions from 8 to 15 elements.


Brought on lift version

  IDL 2500 F4 IDL 2500 F5
FRAME Fixed Fixed
DISC DISTANCE CM 70/75 55/60
WORK. WIDTH 2,50 2,50
TRANSP. WIDTH 2,55 2,55
  IDL 4000 F8 IDL 6000 F15
FRAME Folding Folding
DISC DISTANCE CM 55/60 35/40
WORK. WIDTH 4,00 6,00
TRANSP. WIDTH 2,55 3,00


AC IDL TRA Rotary towing for hose line complete with spherical junction and hydraulic closing for the entrance of the product

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Wastewater management and various proces