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combistrip articolo


The “Combi STRIP” is an equipment designed to the tillage for preparing only the future seeding line for the planting of crop on lines such as corn, sunflower, sugar beet, soya bean, rape or sorghum.


  Brought on lift version, III CAT
  • Tubular steel frame fully welded, in order to assure the best strength. Fixed with 4 rows version and hydraulic folding with 6, 8, 12 rows version
  • Working kit mounted on parallelogram disc distance 70/80 cm (4 – 6 – 8 rows) and 45/50 cm (12 rows) made up with:
  1. Couple of hooked discs for the cleaning of the strip of the residues on the soil
  2. Cut residue discs and open furrow
  3. Working anchor with penetration tool; possibility to deposit the fertilizer
  4. Working and containment discs
  5. Finishing roller or ended compaction (to be adding to the required price and the price below)
  6. KIT contrast spring for the pre-load of the element (at demand, air shock absorber kit)

Base version

  STR 7 F4 TF STR 7 F6 TR
ROWS 4 6
INT. 70 70
FRAME Fixed Foldable
WORK. WIDTH 3,00 4,50
TRANSP. WIDTH 2,55 2,55
HP 100 160
  STR 7 F8 TR STR 5 F12 TR
ROWS 8 12
INT. 70 45
FRAME Foldable Foldable
WORK. WIDTH 6,00 6,00
TRANSP. WIDTH 2,55 3,10
HP 200 280


AC ST 01 Rullo02 Cage roller kit diam. 320x8 with toothed curved plates
AC ST 02 Rullo04 Cage roller kit diam. 400x10 with smooth plates
AC ST 03 Rullo01

Couple of tracing wheels diam.370 

AC ST 04 Rullo03

Cast iron roller Cambridge diam. 470/480

AC ST 05 Rullo06

Chain roller

AC ST 06 Kit double contrast spring
AC ST 07  Kit air dump
AC ST 08  Kit air dump instead of the springs
AC ST SPANDI 4F Fertilizer 4 rows
AC ST SPANDI 6F Fertilizer 6 rows
AC ST SPANDI 8F Fertilizer 8 rows
AC ST TRACC Hydraulic disc row - marker
AC ST 3PSEM Mechanical III point for joint rear planter
AC ST CARR Carriage to transform the machine from bring to trailed, complete with hydraulic III point
AS ST INTER Hydraulic slurry distributor complete of tubes

Download depliant

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